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"Space in Hands" (2014)

Some people think the world is run by a god, while others think it is governed by randomness. Nature can seem random, but is actually run by a natural law which controls the world. I am not trying to persuade you that a god exists, but that rules or laws, whatever you define them, control the universe. This could mean an artificial rule created by a god, or it could be just a natural rule with no divine origin. It might be a psychological phenomenon that people want to personify and call it a god to understand the rules. In this piece, I attempt to actualize the rule on the screen through the vessel of my body. The piece was originally composed for the Meyer Constellation system in Louisiana State University, and the position of hands is controlling the array of the speakers.


This work was performed at Cinema for Ears 2014, NIME2015, Kyung Hee Faculty Concert 2015, SIENO #1, SICMF2017

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