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Chaotic Theory is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems. Chaos happens, even though everything is deterministic, meaning that a very intellectually determined choice could become another part of the Chaos. No matter what you decide in your music, it eventually results in another new Chaos. On the other hand, finding a deterministic idea in chaotic music could be one of the pleasurable motivations for the audience.


This work was selected to perform at SEAMUS 2011, ICMC 2013, Channel Noise Concert 2011 in Goergia Southern Univ., Concert 2011 in Stony Brook Univ., STUDIO 300, Media art and Music Festival 2013, Kyung Hee Faculty Concert 2015

"Deterministic Chaos No.1 No.2" (2014)

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